Early Childhood & Infant Care

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Early Childhood & Infant Care
This course allows you to be a child again, while working directly with 3, 4, and 5 year olds.  Students can finger paint, read a story to a child in a playhouse or play games that are educational and also bring a twinkle to a child’s eye. These are a few of the many exciting activities offered in this program.  Be a hero to a child in a hands-on environment where we learn and teach at the same time by actually operating a pre-school program.
This program is designed for energetic, dedicated students with a sincere interest in understanding and interacting with young children on a professional or personal level.  Completion of this program will enable students to increase their knowledge of child development and work to develop professional relationships with co-workers, children, parents and others.  The information from this course would be helpful to students interested in teaching, pediatric nursing, social work, or as a day care provider.
In order to gain an understanding of the 0-3 year old component of Early Childhood, we run a playground on Fridays for infant and toddlers.



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