Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.)

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Nursing Assistant
The Certified Nursing Assistant course prepares students to take the state of Maine exam, which will certify them to work as C.N.A.’s. The C.N.A. is a valuable member of the nursing team. The C.N.A.’s role is to assist the registered professional nurse in tasks that support nursing practice.
During this course, the students will complete 100 hours of theory, 40 hours of laboratory skills, and 100 hours of clinical hands-on skills. The students have already completed 64 hours of hands-on clinical training at Sandy River Nursing Care Center. They will have the opportunity to do more clinical training at Franklin Memorial Hospital, Orchard Park Rehabilitation & Living Center, and Edgewood Rehabilitation & Living Center. The students have also been trained and certified in CPR.
The students in this class have the opportunity to explore many other health care professions. They are informed of other healthcare professions and the qualifications required obtaining degrees and/or training for these professions.
An advanced nursing class has been started this year.  The advanced students assist the new students and also set up internships to further their knowledge in a healthcare field they are interested in pursuing.  FMH has been very supportive in this venture by providing the opportunities in their hospital.
This course is an excellent way to start your profession in healthcare.

Certifications possible:  American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR; First Aid/CPR; State of Maine Certified Nursing Assistant


Location - This course is held at MBC.