Business Education

Our program allows you an endless array of choices in the business field to prepare you for college or the workforce. You can customize your program of studies to fit your career goals. You can focus on Accounting and Entrepreneurial Studies.

Students can choose to attend a full tech one year program, or for a broader experience, two years. Students may also tailor their Business Studies with individual classes offered.

The following courses are available:

  • Business Management – Mrs. Lehigh
  • Career Development – Mrs. Lehigh
  • Internships – Mrs. Lehigh
  • FSB Teller Training – Mrs. Turner through Mrs. Lehigh
  • Computer Applications – Mrs. Savage
  • HTML / Desktop Publishing – Mrs. Savage
  • Keyboarding – Mrs. Savage
  • Medical Terminology – Mrs. Savage
  • Personal Finance – Mrs. Savage

Additional Opportunities include:

  • Articulation with CMCC
  • Dual Enrollment in HTML
  • Internships to Employment
  • Microsoft Application Specialist Certification